2013 Oslo Business for Peace Award Honouree

Nadia Al-Sakkaf - 2013 Oslo Business for Peace Award Honouree

Nadia Al-Sakkaf: Chief Editor of Yemen Times


Dr Nadia Al-Sakkaf was the first female Chief Editor of Yemen Times. This is the country’s first and most widely read independent English-language newspaper, a leading voice in Yemen on issues of development, media, gender, and politics. During the May 2011 leadership crisis in Yemen, Al-Sakkaf and her organisation were vital in reporting the news and putting the political situation in context for international readers. Under Al-Sakkaf’s leadership, the Yemen Times has also created several publications – including publications to advocate for women’s participation in politics, such as Breaking the Stereotype, a book on Yemeni women’s experience as political candidates in elections. She went on to become Yemen’s first female Minister when she became the Minister of Information in 2014.