2018 Business for Peace Award Honourees Announced

 Tuesday, 20 March 2018 08:45

Did you miss the March 20 livestream announcement from Oslo City Hall? Catch it again here!

The 2018 Oslo Business for Peace Honourees are:

Each year, Business for Peace recognises exceptional global business leaders who exemplify the Foundation’s concept of being businessworthy by ethically creating economic value that also creates value for society. Honourees are selected by an independent committee of Nobel Prize winners in Peace and in Economics after a global nomination process through the International Chamber of Commerce, United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Development Programme, and Principles for Responsible Investment.

Lori Blaker (United States)

CEO of TTi Global

Lori Blaker champions inclusion and gender equality as core values at TTi Global, a staffing, recruiting, and consulting firm operating on five continents with over 2000 employees.  Blaker is recognized for her business performance not only in the United States but in developing economies such as India and Afghanistan. In 2016, Blaker opened a retail Automotive Service Center and Training Center in Kabul, creating much-needed job opportunities in a challenging environment. Notably, the facility employs both men and women. Blaker developed a special training program for local women to learn management skills in an industry they would traditionally be barred from, which is just one example of her commitment to making positive change through business.

“Businesses can be crucial in identifying issues and challenges in their communities both socially and economically,” said Blaker. “It’s important, especially in today’s political climate, that we use this knowledge to drive change and growth in our world. To me, this recognition is a validation of the effort and conviction that TTi Global has indeed been on the right path.”

Edgar Montenegro (Colombia)

Founder and CEO of Corpocampo

Edgar Montenegro founded Corpocampo in 2003 with the aim of using food production to build sustainable communities. The Colombian Pacific Coast region has long been affected by the country’s internal conflict, leading to widespread poverty, violence, and illegal coca crop production. Montenegro wanted to improve peoples’ lives by providing a legal and reliable source of income. His company specialises in the production and distribution of acai berries and palm hearts, with all products deriving from sustainable farming practices. Operating in several locations in Colombia, Montenegro works closely with local Afro-Colombian communities and indigenous people. Corpocampo has provided jobs for over 240 female-headed households, impacting over 1,300 families. Montenegro is recognized for his courageous achievements proving how the private sector can build peace by identifying business opportunities that help marginalised groups become more resilient.

“I am proud of the work we have been doing for several years in Corpocampo,” said Montenegro. “It is very gratifying to be recognised for the work we do in places where the situation of poverty and insecurity is very different to the one in the capital. Although it is often difficult to do business in the middle of the jungle due to the lack of infrastructure and the presence of armed groups and drug traffickers, we know that what we do in Corpocampo ensures the well-being of 1,300 families and we have a very big commitment to them.”

Martin Naughton, KBE (Ireland)

Founder of Glen Dimplex Group

Martin Naughton has grown Glen Dimplex Group from seven employees in 1973 to becoming Ireland’s largest privately-owned manufacturing business and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of domestic appliances. During the turbulent years of the Northern Ireland conflict, Naughton promoted and supported business on both sides of the border, including negotiating cross-border trade. Naughton also played a significant role in establishing a corporate department on renewable and low-carbon solutions for heating, cooling, and ventilation, taking an active role in tackling climate change. Naughton receives the Award for his inspiring efforts to promote the role of the private sector in contributing to peace and environmental sustainability.

“I am honoured and humbled to have been recognised by Business for Peace for this award,” said Naughton. “Throughout my life in business as founder of Glen Dimplex Group, I have been fortunate to have been able to play my part in effecting positive societal change. As we approach the 20th  anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, I am reminded that we must  continue to work to maintain peace on both sides of the Irish border. Similarly, we must redouble our efforts to tackle climate change and promote environmental sustainability.”